FBS Interconference Records (10/20)

Conference                       Record                 Winning Pct.

1.Southeastern                 (35-7)                     0.833

1. Pacific Twelve                (30-6)                     0.833

3.Atlantic Coast                 (34-10)                   0.773

4. Big Ten                            (36-11)                   0.766

5.Big Twelve                        (22-8)                    0.733

6.American Athletic           (19-20)                  0.487

7.  Sun Belt                        (16-19)                    0.457

8.Mountain West               (18-23)                  0.439

9.Mid-American                 (20-32)                  0.385

10.Conference USA             (18-34)                0.346


1 thought on “FBS Interconference Records (10/20)

  1. Shayn Roby Post author

    Reblogged this on shaynroby and commented:

    The SEC and Pac-12 are tied for the best winning percentage in interconference games at 0.833. They are followed closely by the Big Ten at 0.766, the ACC at 0.773, and the Big Ten at 0.766. The Big Twelve is in fifth place with a winning percentage of 0.733. There is a clear divide between the five power conferences and the other conferences that call themselves members of the FBS. The best mid-major conference winning percentage is the American Athletic Conference at 0.486. They are followed by the Sun Belt at 0.457, the Mountain West at 0.439, and the Mid-American at 0.385. Conference USA represents the epitome of non-competitiveness with a winning percentage of 0.346 and are truly just a small step above the FCS division (and sometimes not necessarily).


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