2013 FBS Interconference Winning Percentages (10/28)

Conference                     Record             Winning Percentage

1.Southeastern                  (38-6)                        0.864

2.Pacific Twelve                  (30-6)                        0.833

3.Big Ten                             (36-11)                       0.766

4.Atlantic Coast                 (34-11)                       0.756

5.Big Twelve                        (22-8)                        0.733

6.American Athletic           (19-13)                      0.594

7.Sun Belt                            (16-19)                     0.457

8.Independents                  (21-26)                      0.447

9.Mountain West                (18-25)                     0.419

10.Mid-American               (20-32)                      0.385

11.Conference USA           (18-35)                      0.340


1 thought on “2013 FBS Interconference Winning Percentages (10/28)

  1. Shayn Roby Post author

    Reblogged this on shaynroby and commented:

    Shayn Roby’s Take: The Southeastern Conference is indisputably the best league in college football. Seven consecutive national titles by league members and the top winning percentage among conferences in inter-league play are more than enough evidence to substantiate this claim.


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