College Football Bowl Subdivision Roby Ratings Week 10

Team                   Record                  Result                                      Week 11

1.Alabama            (8-0)                    Open Date                               vs. LSU

2.Ohio State         (9-0)                    Beat Purdue 56-0                    Open Date

3.Oregon              (8-0)                    Open Date                                @Stanford (Thurs.)

4.Florida State     (8-0)                    Beat Miami 41-14                    @Wake Forest

5.Baylor                (7-0)                    Open Date                                 vs. Oklahoma (Thurs.)

6.Oklahoma St.    (7-1)                    Beat Texas Tech 52-34             vs. Kansas

7.No. Illinois         (9-0)                    Beat Massachusetts 63-19      Open Date

8.Fresno State     (8-0)                    Beat Nevada 41-23                    @Wyoming

9.Oklahoma         (7-1)                    Open Date                                   @Baylor (Thurs.)

10.Stanford          (7-1)                    Open Date                                   vs. Oregon (Thurs.)

11.Clemson         (8-1)                     Beat Virginia 59-10                      Open Date

12.Missouri         (8-1)                    Beat Tennessee 31-3                    @Kentucky

13.Louisville        (7-1)                    Open Date                                     @Connecticut (Fri.)

14.Auburn          (8-1)                     Beat Arkansas 35-17                    @Tennessee

15.Miami            (7-1)                     Lost to Florida State 41-14          vs. Virginia Tech

16.Michigan St.  (8-1)                     Beat Michigan 29-6                       Open Date

17.Houston        (7-1)                     Beat South Florida 35-23             @Central Florida

18.Central Fla.   (6-1)                      Open Date                                      vs. Houston

19.LSU                (7-2)                      Open Date                                      @Alabama

20.Texas A&M   (7-2)                       Beat Texas El-Paso                        vs. Mississippi State

21.So. Carolina (7-2)                       Beat Mississippi St. 34-16            Open Date

22.UCLA              (6-2)                      Beat Colorado 45-23                    @Arizona

23.Texas              (6-2)                       Beat Kansas 35-13                       @West Virginia

24.Notre Dame  (7-2)                       Beat Navy 38-34                           @Pittsburgh

25.BYU                 (6-2)                       Open Date                                     @Wisconsin

Teams to Watch:   Ball State, Arizona State, Arizona, Michigan, Duke, Texas Tech, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Nebraska, Buffalo, Ohio, East Carolina, Louisiana-Lafayette

Alabama remains atop the BCS Week 11 Standings for the 2013 Season, closely followed by Florida State.

Alabama remains atop the BCS Week 11 Standings for the 2013 Season, closely followed by Florida State.

Photo by SB Nation

(H/T:  Yahoo Sports)



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