Crazy Things Going Down In Tallahassee

Two upsets on day one, and a losers bracket showdown between the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Florida State Seminoles have resulted in the host of the Tallahassee Regional being not involved in the outcome of what transpires on the field for the remainder of the regional. In the bottom of the ninth inning, Florida State fans were hopeful that a miracle comeback in the works as this tweet indicated.

As the link to the box score above indicates the Seminole rally fell just short with the Tide victorious by a score of 6-5, making sure that the tweet below will never become anything close to reality.


The Tide (Roby Ratings #29) will face the loser of the Saturday Winner’s bracket game between Kennesaw State (Roby Ratings: #93) and Georgia Southern (Roby Rating: #52). On Friday, Kennesaw State defeated Alabama by a score of 1-0, while Georgia Southern beat the Roby Ratings #8 ranked team, the Florida State Seminoles.

(H/T: and Twitter)


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