Pac-12 to Overtake SEC…..Don’t Bet on It

Pat Forde of Yahoo Sports posted today, “The Pac-12 should be the premier conference in college football in 2014. To quote Jim Morrison, the West is the best.”  Even if Forde’s prediction for 2014 were to come true, which it probably won’t………one year does not a College Football dynasty make.   The fact that the last time a Pacific Twelve team won a BCS Championship was 2005, and even then it was vacated speaks for itself, when the number of SEC teams taking the Crystal Bowl Trophy home to display in their stadium has been NINE since 1998.  (Tennessee, LSU, Florida, LSU, Florida, Alabama, Auburn, Alabama, Alabama).  It’s not even a close race.  However, perhaps Forde just needs something to write about. 

(H/T: Pat Forde/ Yahoo and


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