2015 FBS Ratings (10/26)

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Team                           Record                     Result                          Next Opponent

1.Ohio State                 (8-0)                       Beat Rutgers 49-7          vs. Minnesota Nov 7

2.TCU                           (7-0)                       Open Date                      vs West Virginia Oct 29

3.Baylor                         (7-0)                      Beat Iowa St 45-27         at Kansas St Nov 5

4.LSU                             (7-0)                  Beat Western Ky. 48-20     at Alabama Nov 7

5.Michigan St                  (8-0)                     Beat Indiana 52-26         at Nebraska Nov 7

6.Oklahoma St.               (7-0)                     Beat Kansas 58-10          at Texas Tech Oct 31

7.Clemson                       (7-0)                     Beat Miami (FL) 58-0       at NC State Oct 31

8.Memphis                       (7-0)                     Beat Tulsa 66-42             vs Tulane Oct 31

9.Toledo                           (7-0)                     Beat U Mass 51-35         vs No. Illinois Nov 3

10.Houston                       (7-0)                     Beat UCF 59-10              vs Vanderbilt Oct 31

11.Iowa                             (7-0)                    Open Date                        vs Maryland Oct 31

12.Temple                         (7-0)                  Beat E. Carolina 34-14       vs Notre Dame Oct 31

13.Stanford                        (6-1)                   Beat Washington 31-14    at Washington St Oct 31

14.Alabama                        (7-1)                   Beat Tennessee 19-14      vs LSU Nov 7

15.Duke                              (6-1)               Beat Va. Tech 45-43 (4OT)    vs Miami (FL) Oct 31

16.North Carolina               (6-1)                     Beat Virginia 26-13           at Pittsburgh Oct 29

17.Pittsburgh                      (6-1)                     Beat Syracuse 23-20        vs North Carolina Oct 29

18.Marshall                         (7-1)                     Beat North Texas 30-13    at Charlotte Oct 31

19.Appalachian St.             (6-1)                     Beat Ga. Southern 31-13    vs Troy Oct 31

20.Notre Dame                   (6-1)                     Open Date                           at Temple Oct 31

21.Oklahoma                      (6-1)                      Beat Texas Tech 63-27      at Kansas Oct 31

22.Navy                               (5-1)                     Beat Tulane 31-14               vs USF Oct 31

23.Florida                            (6-1)                     Open Date                           vs Georgia Oct 31

24.Florida State                   (6-1)                     Lost to Ga. Tech 16-22        vs Syracuse Oct 31

25.Utah                                (6-1)                     Lost 24-42 to USC               vs Oregon St Oct 31

26.BYU                                 (6-2)                    Beat Wagner 70-6                at San Jose St Nov 6

27.Georgia                            (5-2)                   Open Date                             vs Florida Oct 31

28.NC State                          (5-2)                   Beat Wake Forest 35-17        vs Clemson Oct 31

29.Wisconsin                        (6-2)                    Beat Illinois 24-13                  vs Rutgers Oct 31

30.Bowling Green                 (6-2)                    Beat Kent St. 48-0                 vs. Ohio Nov 4

31.Washington St                  (5-2)                   Beat Arizona 45-42                vs Stanford Oct 31

32.Mississippi St.                   (6-2)                  Beat Kentucky 42-16              at Missouri Nov 5

33.Michigan                            (5-2)                  Open Date                              at Minnesota Oct 31

34.Penn St.                            (6-2)                  Beat Maryland 31-30              vs Illinois Oct 31

35.Boise St                            (6-2)                  Beat Wyoming 34-14              at UNLV Oct 31

36.UCLA                                (5-2)                  Beat Cal 40-24                         vs Colorado Oct 31

37.Ole Miss                            (6-2)                 Beat Texas A&M 23-3               at Auburn Oct 31

38.Northwestern                     (6-2)                 Beat Nebraska 30-28               vs Penn State Nov 7

39.Western Ky                        (6-2)                Lost to LSU 20-48                      at Old Dominion Oct 31

40.Ga. Southern                     (5-2)                Lost to App. St. 13-31                 vs Texas St Oct 29

41.California                           (5-2)                Lost to UCLA 24-40                     vs USC Oct 31

42.Texas A&M                         (5-2)               Lost to Ole Miss 3-23                   vs So. Carolina Oct 31

It is the policy of this publication to never rank teams with a loss in front of teams without a loss. The editor recognizes that some teams with more talent that already have a loss may pass many of these unbeaten teams by the end of the FBS season. The process tends to work itself out over the course of a season. Twelve teams in the FBS division remain in the ranks of the unbeaten. It’s highly likely that a team such as Alabama, that already has one loss, will be in the thick of the race for a playoff spot at the end of the regular season. It is expected that by week ten or so, the Crimson Tide may be in the thick of things. This may well be the case for several teams that currently have one loss. The editor does not really believe that say, Temple would beat Alabama. Many of the teams above are currently ranked as a matter of principle, according to number of losses. Please roll with it………as previously stated, the process tends to work itself out anyway.  It is also the policy of this publication to never rank a team with three losses until that team has been invited to a bowl game.  It also makes sure that any team ranked by this publication during the season is likely to be worthy of engaging in post season activity. (Yes, a few teams making early season appearances will make a fast exit.)

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