5th 2015 FBS Playoff Ratings vs Roby Ratings

One more weekend and it will be more clear how the 2015 FBS Division of college football post-season will shake out.  Oklahoma is basically in.  Clemson, Alabama, Iowa, and Michigan St. all basically have the table set for them, win and they are in.  If North Carolina upsets Clemson, they DESERVE to be in, however, it’s highly unlikely that the same people who ignored a week one loss to Virginia Tech at home by Ohio State last year will extend that same courtesy to the Tar Heels for that week one loss to South Carolina.  That recent loss to The Citadel by the Gamecocks certainly hurts the cause of the Carolina Blue.  However, keep in mind that those same Gamecocks only lost to #1 ranked Clemson by a score of 32-37 last week.

Video Uploaded to You Tube by ACC Digital Network

FBS Ranking     Record              Roby Rating

1.Clemson             (12-0)                          1

2.Alabama             (11-1)                           3

3.Oklahoma          (11-1)                           5

4.Iowa                     (12-0)                         2

5.Michigan St.       (11-1)                         6

6.Ohio St.                (11-1)                         7

7.Stanford               (10-2)                       13

8.Notre Dame         (10-2)                       16

9.Florida State        (10-2)                         9

10.No. Carolina        (11-1)                         4

11.TCU                          (10-2)                      15

12.Baylor                      (9-2)                       20

13.Ole Miss                   (9-3)                       NR

14.Northwestern         (10-2)                     10

15.Michigan                   (9-3)                       NR

16.Oregon                       (9-3)                       NR

17.Oklahoma State      (10-2)                     21

18.Florida                       (10-2)                      18

19.Houston                     (11-1)                        8

20.USC                              (8-4)                       NR

21.LSU                                (8-3)                       NR

22.Temple                         (10-2)                    14

23.Navy                               (9-2)                      17

24.Utah                                (9-3)                     NR

25.Tennessee                      (8-4)                     NR

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