Week Zero Bizarro World CFB Roby Ratings

Once again it’s time for the Roby Ratings Week Zero edition.  Only eight teams have seen action, and it’s really uncertain what caliber opponent each team has just faced.  Nevertheless, these Ratings are published as placeholders so that a somewhat more meaningful edition will come out in weeks 1 and 2 of the 2019 College Football Season.  Villanova, by statistical anomaly, is atop this week’s ratings.  Though currently sitting atop the current rankings in college football bizarro world, it’s highly unlikely that the Wildcats will even contend for the FCS title when championship season begins.

Team                             Record                          Roby Rating          Result

Villanova                          1-0                                  4.80                    34-14 vs. #99 Colgate

Hawaii                              1-0                                  3.71                    45-38 vs. #61 Arizona

Florida                              1-0                                  2.72                    24-20 vs. #41 Miami, Fl

Youngstown St.              1-0                                   0.23                    45-22 vs. #131 Samford

Miami (FL)                        0-1                                  (0.24)                20-24 vs. #8 Florida

Arizona                             0-1                                  (6.65)                 38-45 vs.  #124 Hawaii

Colgate                              0-1                                 (20.00)                 14-34 vs. #194 Villanova

Samford                            0-1                               (23.00)                22-45 vs. #183 Youngstown St.

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