College Hoops Unbeatens

Only 13 Unbeaten Teams Remain on the Hardwood Roundball Courts in NCAA Division I

Drake (11-0) Next Game: 1/3 vs. Southern Illinois

Arkansas (9-0) Next Game: 1/2 vs. Missouri

Washington St. (8-0) Next Game: 1/2 vs. Arizona

Gonzaga (8-0) Next Game: 1/2 vs. San Francisco

Tennessee (8-0) Next Game: 1/2 vs. Alabama

Baylor (8-0) Next Game: 1/2 vs Iowa St.

Michigan (8-0) Next Game: 1/3 vs. Northwestern

The Citadel (7-0) Next Game: 1/6 vs. Mercer

Winthrop (7-0) Next Game: 1/4 vs. Charleston Southern

SMU (6-0) Next Game: 1/3 vs. Houston

Wake Forest (3-0) Next Game: 1/3 vs. Georgia Tech

Alabama A&M (2-0) Next Game: 1/9 vs. Mississippi Valley St.

Hawaii (2-0) Next Game: 1/8 vs. UC-Riverside

Roby Ratings Unbeaten Records and Opponents


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