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2015 FBS Roby Ratings (11/22)

The Michigan State Spartans helped make the last couple of weeks of the college football season extremely interesting as they knocked off undefeated Ohio State 17-14

Video Uploaded to You Tube by the Big Ten Network
Team                Record          Result                            Next Opponent

1.Clemson        (11-0)     Beat Wake Forest 33-13    at So. Carolina Nov 28

2.Iowa                (11-0)     Beat Purdue 40-20              at Nebraska Nov 27

3.Alabama        (10-1)     Beat Charleston So. 56-6    at Auburn Nov 28

4.No. Carolina (10-1)     Beat Va. Tech 30-27 OT        at NC State Nov 28

5.Notre Dame   (10-1)   Beat Boston College 19-16    at Stanford Nov 28

6.Oklahoma      (10-1)    Beat TCU 30-29                      at Oklahoma St Nov 28

7.Navy                 (9-1)      Beat Tulsa 44-21                    at Houston Nov 27

8.Florida             (10-1)  Beat Fla. Atlantic 20-14 OT   vs Florida St. Nov 28

9.Michigan St.  (10-1)   Beat Ohio St. 17-14                  vs Penn St Nov 28

10.Toledo            (9-1)     Beat Bowling Green 44-29    vs West. Mich Nov 27

11.Baylor              (9-1)    Beat Oklahoma St 45-35          at TCU Nov 27

12.Ohio State     (10-1)   Lost to Michigan St 14-17       at Michigan Nov 28

13.Oklahoma St (10-1)  Lost to Baylor 35-45                   vs Oklahoma Nov 28

14.Houston          (10-1) Lost to U Conn 17-20                 vs Navy Nov 27

15.Florida State  (9-2)   Beat Chattanooga 52-13            at Florida Nov 28

16.Michigan         (9-2)   Beat Penn State 28-16                vs Ohio St Nov 28

17.Northwestern (8-2)  Beat Wisconsin 13-7                  at Illinois Nov 28

18.Western Ky      (9-2)  Beat Fla. Int’natl 63-7              vs. Marshall Nov 27

19.Marshall            (9-2)  Open Date                                    at Western Ky Nov 27

20.App’chian St  (8-2)    Open Date                                    vs. Louisiana Nov 28

21.Stanford           (9-2)    Beat Cal 35-22                        vs. Notre Dame Nov 28

22.Temple             (9-2)   Beat Memphis 31-12              vs. U Conn Nov 28

It is the policy of this publication to never rank teams with a loss in front of teams without a loss. The editor recognizes that some teams with more talent that already have a loss may pass many of these unbeaten teams by the end of the FBS season. The process tends to work itself out over the course of a season.  Only TWO teams in the FBS division remain in the ranks of the unbeaten.   Both unbeaten teams, Clemson and Iowa, should now have a clear path to a playoff berth as long as they win their remaining games.  Even though the FBS Playoff Committee will probably rank Alabama second,  at least America will have the opportunity to see whether or not that is indeed the case.  It is at this point that the editor of this publication becomes pleased that no undefeated teams are going to be left out of a deserved shot at a national title.  True, several one loss teams are going to be unhappy at being left out of the Final Four, but hey, THEY HAVE A LOSS.