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College Hoops Unbeatens

Only 13 Unbeaten Teams Remain on the Hardwood Roundball Courts in NCAA Division I

Drake (11-0) Next Game: 1/3 vs. Southern Illinois

Arkansas (9-0) Next Game: 1/2 vs. Missouri

Washington St. (8-0) Next Game: 1/2 vs. Arizona

Gonzaga (8-0) Next Game: 1/2 vs. San Francisco

Tennessee (8-0) Next Game: 1/2 vs. Alabama

Baylor (8-0) Next Game: 1/2 vs Iowa St.

Michigan (8-0) Next Game: 1/3 vs. Northwestern

The Citadel (7-0) Next Game: 1/6 vs. Mercer

Winthrop (7-0) Next Game: 1/4 vs. Charleston Southern

SMU (6-0) Next Game: 1/3 vs. Houston

Wake Forest (3-0) Next Game: 1/3 vs. Georgia Tech

Alabama A&M (2-0) Next Game: 1/9 vs. Mississippi Valley St.

Hawaii (2-0) Next Game: 1/8 vs. UC-Riverside

Roby Ratings Unbeaten Records and Opponents

College Hoops Unbeatens: 12/31 Edition

Only fifteen teams remain in the ranks of the unbeaten in the world of Division I NCAA basketball. Drake currently has an 11-0 mark, followed by Arkansas with nine victories. Washington St., Gonzaga, Tennessee, and Baylor have all notched eight wins under their collective belts.

Full List of Undefeated NCAA basketball Teams

College Hoops Unbeatens: 12/1 Edition

Currently, there are 112 Division I basketball teams that have at least one victory under their collective belts and still harbor the dream of running the table for the 2020-21 season. Xavier is the only team to have logged four victories.

Seventeen teams have reached the 3 win plateau.

Fourty-three teams have logged a pair of W’s

While fifty-one teams know that at least they won’t have their resumes filled with all L’s for the season.

It’s noteworthy to point out that neither Kansas, Villanova, nor Kentucky are among the ranks of the unblemished.

College Hoops Unbeatens

The NCAA Division I College Basketball season is very young. At this juncture, there are 109 teams that have logged at least one victory under their collective belts and have yet to be beaten. (Kansas and Villanova aren’t among them.)

Xavier (3-0)

West Virginia (3-0)

Illinois (3-0)

BYU (3-0)

Army (3-0)

Santa Clara (3-0)

Belmont (3-0)

Abilene Christian (3-0)

45 Teams at (2-0)

55 teams at (1-0)