Week 12 NCAA College Football FBS Roby Ratings

Team              Record           Result                                                  Week 13

1. Alabama       (10-0)           Beat Mississippi St. 20-6                 vs. Chattanooga

2. Ohio State    (10-0)           Beat Illinois 60-35                             vs. Indiana

3.Florida St.      (10-0)           Beat Syracuse 59-3                           vs. Idaho

4.Baylor              (9-0)           Beat Texas Tech 63-34                      @Oklahoma St.

5.Oklahoma St.  (9-1)           Beat Texas 38-13                                vs. Baylor

6.No. Illinois       (10-0)         Beat Ball State 48-27                          @Toledo (Wed.)

7.Fresno State    (9-0)           Open Date                                            vs. New Mexico

8.Clemson           (9-1)           Beat Georgia Tech 55-31                    vs. Citadel

9.Missouri           (9-1)            Open Date                                            @ Mississippi

10.Auburn           (10-1)          Beat Georgia 43-38                             Open Date

11.Oregon           (9-1)            Beat Utah 44-21                                   @Arizona

12.Louisville        (9-1)            Beat Houston 20-13                             vs. Memphis

13.Michigan St.   (9-1)            Beat Nebraska 41-28                           @ Northwestern

14.UCF                  (8-1)           Beat Temple 39-36                                vs.Rutgers(Thurs)

15.Texas A&M      (8-2)           Open Date                                              @LSU

16.So. Carolina     (8-2)          Beat Florida 19-14                              vs. Coast. Car.

17.Stanford          (8-2)           Lost to USC 17-20                               vs. California

18.UCLA                (8-2)           Beat Washington 41-31                     vs. Arizona St.

19.Oklahoma       (8-2)            Beat Iowa State 48-10                       @Kansas St.

20.Duke                 (8-2)           Beat Miami 48-30                                @ Wake Forest

21.Wisconsin        (8-2)           Beat Indiana 51-3                                 @Minnesota

22.Minnesota       (8-2)           Open Date                                              vs. Wisconsin

23.Cincinnati        (8-2)            Beat Rutgers 52-17                              @Houston

24.Arizona State  (8-2)            Beat Oregon St. 30-17                         @UCLA

25.Mississippi      (7-3)            Beat Troy 51-21                                     vs. Missouri

Teams to Watch:   LSU, East Carolina,   Texas, Miami, Houston, Ball State, Louisiana-Lafayette


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  1. Shayn Roby Post author

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    Shayn Roby’s Take: The Alabama Crimson Tide remains at the Top Spot. They will have a breather against Chattanooga before taking on smoking hot Auburn in the Iron Bowl in two weeks.


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