Fox Sports 2014 College Football Power Rankings: Preseason

Fox Sports published it’s Top 25 Power Rankings. Below are the comparisons with how they stack up against the Pre-Season Ratings by Shayn Roby College Sports.

Fox Rating                   Roby Rating

  1. Florida State                         2nd

  2. Alabama                                11th

  3. Ohio State                             10th

  4. Oregon                                  13th

  5. UCLA                                       5thTie

  6. Oklahoma                              1st

  7. Auburn                                    3rdTie

  8. Michigan State                      14th

  9. Baylor                                      48th        

  10.Georgia                                  7thTie

  11. South Carolina                    7thTie

  12. Stanford                                12th

  13. LSU                                         7th-Tie    

  14. Clemson                                 16th

  15. USC                                          5th-Tie

  16. Wisconsin                                53rd

  17. Notre Dame                            37th

  18. Ole Miss                                    15th   

  19. Arizona State                           23rd-Tie        

  20. Washington                              33rd-Tie

  21. Nebraska                                   46th

  22.   Kansas St.                                 56th

  23.   Texas                                          36th

  24.   Florida                                       17thTie

  25.   Missouri                                      22nd




2 thoughts on “Fox Sports 2014 College Football Power Rankings: Preseason

  1. Rick (@easyRIDEgolden)

    What U should do is come out with your rankings after 4 weeks of play, it is hard to predict this shit, I ALWAYS WANTED THE RANKINGS TO COME OUT AFTER WEEK 4 then that gives you some real truth, I agree with LSU, and MSU I think is in the top 10


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